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Whether you're a coffee shop looking for business, or a passionate host looking to build her community through offline events, we want to partner with you.

Why Partner with us?

Expand Your Reach

Join a vibrant community where your events gain visibility among individuals seeking meaningful connections. Dahlia users are actively looking for exclusive, intimate, and engaging experiences.

Enhanced Engagement

Leverage our platform to attract a dedicated audience interested in unique and purposeful interactions. Our users are eager to participate in events that foster genuine connections.

Seamless Integration

Benefit from our user-friendly interface to easily list and manage your events. Enjoy hassle-free event promotion and coordination with our intuitive tools.

What Experiences Can You Host?

Curated Club Meetups

Organize gatherings that cater to niche interests, allowing participants to connect over shared passions.

Live Performances & Art Exhibits

Showcase talent and creativity through live music, theater performances, or art exhibitions, offering a cultural touch to the experience.

Interactive Workshops

Host educational and interactive sessions where users can learn new skills while building connections.

Exclusive Social Events

Create intimate social events, such as dinner parties or supper clubs. Or board game nights to run clubs where users can network and form meaningful relationships.

What We Offer You

Targeted Promotion

Your events will be promoted to our engaged user base, ensuring higher attendance and participation.

Support & Collaboration

Receive dedicated support from our team to ensure your events run smoothly. Collaborate with us to create standout experiences.

Data Insights

Gain valuable insights into attendee preferences and feedback to continually improve your events.

Monetization Opportunities

Benefit from various monetization options, including ticket sales and premium event features.

Ready to Join Us?

Partner with Dahlia today and start creating unforgettable experiences for our community. Click the button below to fill out the form and get started!

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